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A weekly rental

Intermediate car

Hyundai Elantra or similar
Weekly payment
Refundable deposit (one-time only)

Special promotions for Uber partners

Drivers who rent cars weekly with Hertz qualify for rewards on trips they complete with Uber.**

Complete this many trips weeklyEarn this extra amount
110 trips$170
90 trips$105

You will become eligible to start earning an incentive starting the Monday following the date your rental agreement begins.

How Hertz works

Sign up with Hertz, reserve a car, and pick it up – all in one day. You can extend your rental weekly for up to 28 days. Renew your contract after that.

You can extend your rental weekly for up to 28 days. Renew your contract after that.
Exclusive Perks for Uber Partners
Unlimited mileage
Liability insurance coverage
Basic maintenance included
24/7 roadside assistance
Protection against vehicle damage or loss
Must be age 21 or older
Your credit or debit card
A soft credit check is required if you use a debit card (this won’t affect your credit score)
A smartphone with the Uber Driver app installed
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*Excludes taxes, fees, gas, and other additional charges. Offers and availability are subject to change or withdrawal at anytime and may depend on which country, region, or city you are located in. Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered. **To get a car with this offer, must have been approved to drive with Uber. Special offer applies to driver partners using Hertz cars priced at the weekly rates above (excludes tax). If you complete the number of trips specified above with Uber each week you can receive the reward specified above. See available offers in https://bonjour.uber.com/marketplace. Payout will be reflected in your earnings statement on Mondays. Rewards cannot be combined and you are eligible only for the maximum reward offered in your city based on the total number of trips you complete. Canceled trips do not count toward the trip threshold. Uber reserves the right to withhold payment in the event of suspected fraud or abuse. Uber driver partners are still responsible for making their weekly car payments.

Contact Support: +1 866-987-3743
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