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A weekly rental

Intermediate car

(Additional vehicle types available for rent)

Toyota Camry or similar
Weekly payment

*Taxes not included

Special rewards for Uber partners

Drivers who rent cars weekly with American Lease may qualify for rewards on trips they complete. Please consult American Lease.

How American Lease works

2 week minimum rental. No security deposit, but week 1 pre-payment required. 1 week minimum return notice. Early returns may incur a penalty fee up to the full additional week of the rental.

Exclusive Perks for Uber Partners
Unlimited mileage
Insurance coverage
Maintenance included
Roadside assistance
Secondary driver may be added at an additional premium
Access to WAVs
*Perks are subject to additional terms and conditions. Please consult the rental partner.
TLC License
DMV License
Defensive Driving Certificate
Must be age 21 or older
3 years minimum driving history

Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products or services are offered.

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